About Slync

Slync is simple. It starts with candidate/company fit.

A social hiring tool focusing on early talent; allowing candidates to create a video CV viewable to potential employers. Companies can hire based on skill sets and personalities and also share videos and photos of their company culture with Slync’s talent community.

Slync incorporates video CVs into the talent identification process to help hiring managers assess a candidate’s suitability for a role and more importantly the company itself.

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Slync is about story-telling. We want young talent to manage their own performances and career opportunities



Slync is about taking ownership and identifying the right skill sets for that perfect job

A web app for employers, a mobile app for students.

Along with designing the mobile app UI for candidates, we’ve also designed the employer experience from the ground up creating a seamless platform experience for both user groups.


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Our mission

Making hiring possible for the global community of storytellers in pursuit of their perfect career opportunity.