Slync Candidate Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the Slync Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). These Terms apply to your use of the Slync platform which is accessible via our mobile app.


These Terms explain:

1.     About Slync

2.     Registration and your account

3.     Your obligations

4.     Our responsibilities

5.     Intellectual property rights in Slync and your content

6.     What happens to your personal data

7.     Closing your account

8.     Our liability

9.     Other important terms


1. About Slync


Slync is an online platform that lets candidates connect with recruiters and potential employers (which we’ll refer to in these Terms as “employers”). As a candidate, you can use Slync for free and can access it via our mobile app.


Slync lets you create a profile with photos, videos and information which are visible to employers who use Slync. You can also communicate with employers, apply for jobs and share your CV. At the same time, employers can browse for candidates (like you), can view your profile and can, with your permission, see your CV and contact you regarding potential opportunities.


Slync is operated by Slync Limited, a limited liability company registered in England. Our company number is 08804737 and our office is located at 2 Eastbourne Terrace, London, England, W2 6LG. You can contact us by writing to our office or emailing us at


2. Registration and your account


To use Slync, you’ll need to register with us and set up an account. You must have graduated or obtained a qualification from an educational institution within the last five years and be at least 16 years old.


You’ll need to provide some personal information to join Slync, this will include your name, email address, educational information, employment information, a profile picture and your contact details. You will also need to create a candidate video which employers will be able to view. Keeping your personal data private and secure is very important to us, please see section 6 and our Privacy Policy for details about how and why we collect and use personal data.


You must use your real name and any information or documents you post or upload (such as your CV) have to be honest and accurate.


You must keep your username and password secret, and not share it with anyone else or allow any other person to access your account. Make sure you have a strong password and, if you think your details may have been compromised, reset them right away. If you suspect someone else may have accessed your account, please contact us immediately by emailing:


Slync is free to use and you can cancel or deactivate your account at any time (please see section 7 for details of how to do this). We have the right to terminate accounts at any time (without liability or compensation).


3. Your obligations


Slync is free to use but we expect you to abide by these Terms, respect other members and act responsibly when using the platform. This means you must:

-       only use Slync to promote yourself as a candidate for employment;

-       be respectful of other user’s rights and their privacy;

-       be professional and courteous to others when using Slync;

-       not do anything which interferes with, or could damage or compromise, Slync or any of its users;

-       not post or upload anything inappropriate, offensive, unlawful or unprofessional; and

-       ensure any content you post or upload is your own, or you have permission from its owner.


Using Slync for improper purposes is absolutely prohibited. This includes harassment, spam, making romantic advances, phishing, spreading malware or viruses, web scraping, data harvesting, illegal activities, hate speech, and spreading false or misleading information.


Slync is provided to you for personal use, and you may not use Slync for commercial purposes. If you are an employer, you can subscribe by going to You will need to accept the Slync Employer Terms to do so.


If, in our view, you breach any of these obligations then we may suspend or close your account. If you’re concerned about another user’s posts or activity, contact us by emailing with details and we’ll investigate.


Notice and take down: We try to make sure content posted on Slync is appropriate and doesn’t infringe anyone’s rights, but we don’t review content before it’s uploaded and don’t actively monitor everything.


If you spot any content which you think might infringe someone else’s rights (such as their copyright or privacy), or which is offensive or otherwise inappropriate then let us know as soon as possible by emailing: We’ll investigate and take action where appropriate. If something you have uploaded is accused of being infringing, we’ll try to contact you and give you an opportunity to respond; however, it will be up to us whether the content is removed.


4. Our responsibilities

Slync only acts as a platform for candidates and employers, and we have no involvement in (or responsibility in relation to) the recruitment, application or hiring process. We simply make available, host and maintain the Slync platform.


We are not an employment agency or employment business and do not provide work-finding services to you or to employers, nor do we supply or introduce candidates to employers. This means that we do not:

-       enter into contracts on your behalf, or with employers in relation to your employment;

-       provide HR services to employers, or propose candidates for roles;

-       verify user identities, carry out background checks or obtain references or copies of qualifications;

-       keep our own records in relation to jobs you’ve applied for;

-       provide information about you to employers (you provide this information by choosing what to include in your profile and video and whether to provide a CV); or

-       provide information about employers or jobs to you (the employer advertises its own jobs, and is responsible for providing you with details of the job, such as its location, whether it is full or part time, the pay and notice period etc. You must do your own research and decide for yourself if a job or employer is appropriate).


We won’t charge you a fee to use Slync or apply for any jobs. Employers who use Slync pay a subscription fee.


We don’t endorse or make any promises or guarantees about any of Slync’s other users or any employer. Any views or statements featured on Slync are those of the person who posted them, and they do not represent us or our views. We also don’t promise Slync (or the information on it) will always be working and accessible and we suggest you download and keep your own copies of important documents and correspondence. 


5. Intellectual property rights in Slync and your content


In summary: Any content you post, upload or share will be owned by you, but we can use that content to provide, improve and market Slync, to help you connect you with employers, and to personalise content (including, depending on your preferences, job ads) for you. We may also edit or adapt content (such as resizing images to ensure they displays properly) provided we don’t alter its substance. We might also reuse some profile information (such as profile pictures) when marketing our platform, but we won’t name you specifically without your consent.


In legal speak: As between and you us, you retain ownership of any intellectual property rights (including copyright) in material you post and upload to Slync. However, you agree to grant us a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable and sublicensable, worldwide, royalty free licence to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display any content you provide (in whole or part) and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media or technology, and you waive any moral rights you may have in relation to such content (including the right to attribution).


Our right to use your intellectual property rights will end if you delete the relevant post or content or if your account is closed, except that we will continue to have the right to use and host content which has been shared on or communicated using Slync.


Our rights: All intellectual property rights relating to Slync (including our mobile app, platform and logos) belong to us or our licensors. All rights in relation to Slync Limited’s intellectual property rights, except for the right we grant you to access and use Slync in accordance with these Terms, are expressly reserved.


Third party rights: All intellectual property rights in logos and content posted by third parties (including other users and employers) belongs to those third parties or their licensors, and these Terms do not grant you any rights in relation to them.


6. What happens to your personal data


Personal data you provide to Slync will be used in a number of ways, primarily to:

-       provide you with an account and with access to Slync;

-       enable you to use Slync to post and share content, and to message employers;

-       make sure the content you see, including jobs and other advertisements, is relevant to you;

-       provide feedback to employers and others about the success of their jobs and advertisements; and

-       see how Slync is used, so we can maintain and improve it.


We take care to keep your information private and secure and we don’t generally disclose information unless you have chosen to make it public or given us your consent to disclose it, or we are required by law to do so. We will never share a CV with an employer without your permission. For further information about how and why your personal data is used, please visit our Privacy Policy.


Once you share information with an employer or other third party, we will no longer have control over it. You should therefore make sure the employer is reputable and review its privacy policy before providing any personal data to them.


8. Closing your account


Deleting your account: You can delete your account (and end the contract between you and us on these Terms) at any time, by going into the in-app settings and selecting the option to delete your account. However, doing so will delete your profile and information and it will no longer be available (even if you later re-register).


Deactivating your account: Instead of deleting your account entirely, you can choose to deactivate it. This means you won’t show up in searches and your account won’t be active, but your profile and information will remain on file in case you later want to re-activate them.


What happens to your information: We store information for so long as you remain a registered user (meaning until your account is deleted). If you do delete your account then your information will be deleted from our systems immediately (except that some information may remain in our secure back-ups for up to 6 months).


This doesn’t apply to information, correspondence or documents you’ve shared with others (such as messages or CVs sent to employers). Occasionally a situation (such as a breach of these Terms involving you) may mean we need to keep information longer in case of a possible claim or action. For more details please see our Privacy Policy. 


Some of these Terms remain in force after you have deleted your account. These include your obligations (section 3), our responsibilities (section 4) and provisions relating to intellectual property rights (section 5), personal data (section 6), our liability (section 8), and the other legal terms at the end (section 9).


8. Our liability


The paragraphs below set out the extent of our legal responsibility for Slync’s quality, safety and reliability, as well as the limits of our liability in the event of a legal claim. Please read them carefully.


What we’re liable for: We’re responsible for loss and damage we cause and which is foreseeable (meaning it is obvious that both we and you knew the loss or damage might occur). This includes foreseeable loss or damage from us not exercising reasonable skill and care, or providing a service or product not fit for purpose.


We are also liable for any loss or damage which it would be unlawful to limit or exclude. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, fraud and fraudulent statements.


What we’re not liable for: We will not be liable or responsible for loss or damage which:

-       occurs because of content you have posted (for example, due to something you have shared, even if you later deleted it), or due to the settings you chose for your account;

-       could have been avoided by following our instructions or applying an update we released;

-       could have been avoided by having appropriate security (such as antivirus and firewalls) on your device;

-       results from Slync (or any of its content) being unavailable or inaccessible temporarily or permanently;

-       was outside our control or for which a third party is responsible; or

-       relates to content posted by other users in breach of these Terms, unless you notified us about the content and we failed to take reasonable action.


9. Other Important Terms


9.1  Other websites: We aren’t responsible for and have no control over the content of other websites (such as those of employers). You should make other websites are safe before visiting them. Only share information with reputable employers after having read their privacy policies.


9.2  Appstore users: If you access Slync via an app downloaded from a mobile appstore, then additional terms will apply. In addition to the appstore provider’s own terms and conditions (for example, the Apple Media Terms and Conditions), the following terms will apply:

o   the appstore provider is not party to our agreement with you, and it will not have any liability nor responsibilities under these Terms (including regarding maintenance or support of Slync product liability, regulatory infringement, consumer protection or intellectual property claims);

o   if you are an iOS user, Apple can enforce these Terms against you as a third party beneficiary;

o   if these Terms and the appstore provider’s terms are inconsistent, the appstore provider’s terms will prevail; and

o   you represent and warrant: (i) you are not located in a country which is subject to a U.S. Government embargo, or that has been designated by the U.S. Government as a “terrorist supporting” country; and (ii) you are not listed on any U.S. Government list of prohibited or restricted parties.


9.3  Transferring rights: We may transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms to another organisation. We’ll notify you if this happens and the transfer will not affect your rights. You can only transfer your rights or your obligations under these Terms to another person if we agree in writing. Except for the rights conferred on Apple (as explained in section 9.2), these Terms do not give rise to any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.


9.4  Separate terms: Each of the paragraphs in these Terms are separate. If any court or authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect. 


9.5  Enforcement: We may delay in taking action or enforcing our rights under these Terms but, unless we agree in writing, any delay will not prevent us enforcing our rights at a later date.


9.6  Governing law: These Terms are governed by English law and only the courts of England will have the jurisdiction to decide any action or claim arising out of them. Of course, if you have an issue then contact us first at and we’ll work to resolve it.


9.7  Changes to these Terms: We may update these Terms occasionally, and we’ll notify you of this when you log-in. To continue using Slync, you’ll need to accept the updated Terms.


These Terms were last updated on 31 October 2018